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Wooden Playsets for Small Yards

Wooden Playsets for Small Yards

Wooden playsets are perfect for a small backyard fun for the whole family. Children can spend hours in the backyard playing on playsets. This is an excellent way for everyone to get exercise and fresh air outside. Instead of sitting in the house all day in front of the television, children can get out, play and have a lot of fun. Whether your backyard is small or large you can probably fit wooden playsets in there. is a great guide on where to start with furnishing your gardens and yards with the right playsets. They come in many different shapes and sizes, to suit just about every type of yard. If budget is a concern, there sets available in varying price ranges. This means almost every family can afford to purchase this equipment for their yard.

Selecting the right model

There are various kits that are available for use that can be installed in your backyard. You can choose a compact model that is designed for maximum enjoyment in a minimum amount of space. This is ideal for backyards that have a small amount of space available or for families who want to have only a small portion of the yard used for a swing set. The compact models are often lower in price as well and are perfect for those who want a swing set on a budget. Prices range from approximately one hundred to three hundred dollars and usually include a small swing set unit.

People who want a larger play area or play unit might want to spend a little more money on their area, starting at approximately three hundred dollars and can increase to a few thousand dollars. These swing sets will take up much more room in the backyard but will also give your child many more play options. This type of swing set can grow with a child and is ideal for children of all ages and even adults. The wooden playsets are sturdy and will last a long time for hours of playtime fun that will last for years on end.


Set up and installation of wooden swing sets is easy but is not a one-person job. Because the unit is fairly heavy, it is advised that you get your set professionally installed or have several people available to assist in setting up and securing the swing set. Once the playsets are secured in the ground, they should be left for approximately twenty-four hours before playing on it to ensure it is completely set up.  Here is how to get is set up.

Once it is secure, children and adults can spend time playing on it, using the swings, climbing on it and sliding on it. It is an exceptional way for children to occupy their time playing in a safe and secure environment while getting some exercise.

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Unique Backyard Garden Design Ideas

Unique Backyard Garden Design Ideas

For many of us the backyard is our personal sanctuary away from the world.  It is where we can sit outside relaxing while still enjoying a bit of nature close to home.  For those creative types who love gardening it is also a blank canvas where you can let your creativity rule.  Your own imagination is all that you need to create a slice of paradise exactly the way you want it.  Not sure where to start?  Here are some unique backyard garden design ideas.

Feng Shui

For those that like the positive energy that Feng Shui can bring into your home, you can extend that positive energy out into your garden.  While the concept of Feng Shui is for inside the home, Chinese gardens have adapted Shan Shui, which translates to mountain water for outside the home.  In Shan Shui you incorporate the energies of water and mountains.  So building a rock garden with a beautiful water feature can provide you with a peaceful sanctuary.  Here are some tips on how to do that.

Bamboo Gardens

If you want something a little more exotic while being very easy to maintain then you might want to consider a bamboo garden.  The garden stays green throughout the entire year, you don’t have to do a lot of trimming or weeding and you can still have a unique looking space.  If you don’t have a green thumb but want more to your backyard than just a patch of grass, bamboo is perfect.

Bonsai Gardens

Do you love tinkering in the garden?  These miniature garden masterpieces can keep you busy in your garden for hours sculpting them into just the shape that you want.  Bonsai gardens are ideal for city folks with very small backyards that still want to make a big impact.  They can be planted in small pots and arranged in any manner you like.  Bonsai gardens are very rare so be prepared to have your neighbors peering over your fence to catch a glimpse.

Your backyard garden is really an extension of your home and just like your home it should be built to suit your style and taste.  Whether you want a place to entertain guests in warmer weather or you want a quiet place to curl up with a good book and a glass of wine, let the space reflect you.

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